Privacy Policy

We are dedicated to keeping your information private and secure. We have designed our website and use a respected hosting partner to ensure that your data is secure when communicating with us online. This Privacy Policy outlines how we keep your information secure and what information we store on your personal computer.

Data Collection
We collect only the information you provide to us, should you determine to place an order.

When you place an order with a credit card, we do not store your credit card information. It is available to us only to process the transaction, when and if you determine to place an order.

Your Personal Information
We will not rent or sell any of your personal information that you may share with us to other companies or individuals. There are some limited circumstances in which we may disclose your information: If required by law or we believe in good faith that the information you have provided us is reasonably necessary to disclose to the appropriate authorities for the safety and protection of rights / property of our company, and its users.

Outside Links
We may, from time to time, offer you links to outside locations (even Websites not owned by us) to help you further understand our products or services we provide to you as a customer. Additional links may also be provided which may improve your experience with our website. We do not exercise control over the content of these websites. Additionally, outside sites may place cookies, or other software, on your personal computer which may be undesirable. If we provide a link which you feel is inappropriate, or has damaged your computer, please contact us to have it reviewed.} else {